It’s a Hot Tub. It’s a Pool. It’s an Aquatic Gym. It’s a Hydropool Swim Spa!

A Hydropool swim spa gives you the best of both worlds. Not only does it offer the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate – it also doubles as an aquatic training center, so you can swim as long as you like without having to add an entire lap pool to your backyard!

The secret lies in the jets. Hydropool swim spas are available with V-Twin or Core Stream Jet systems, which create a constant and fully customizable current to swim, run or jog against. Such low-impact exercise is ideal regardless of your skill level, especially if you are recovering from a physical injury.

Hydropool swim spas take up much less space and are far easier to maintain than traditional swimming pools. They are also portable, so you can take yours with you if you ever decide to move. And once your aquatic exercise for the day has ended, you’ll already be in the perfect spot to unwind. Hydropool’s self-cleaning and energy-efficient swim spas offer the full hot tubbing experience, complete with therapeutic jets, contoured seating and LED lighting!


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  • AquaSport 14 AX
  • AquaSport 17 AX
  • AquaSport 19 DTAX
  • AquaTrainer 14 AX
  • AquaTrainer 17 AX
  • AquaTrainer 19 DTAX
Rejuvenate or reinvigorate – it’s your choice with a Hydropool swim spa. Contact us today to shop from Hydropool’s complete product line!