A Covana Cover Will Turn Any Spa Into a Functional Piece of Art!

A spa alone cannot provide the perfect spa experience. To enjoy that, you must cover your aquatic retreat – not just for protection against snow, rain, leaves and other debris, but also so you can rest in shade and total privacy.

Covana’s spa and hot tub covers complete any backyard paradise. They are highly insulated to protect you and your spa from the sun’s harmful rays, as well as retain your spa’s heat and water while it is not in use. Covana spa covers automatically rise to full height in a mere 20 seconds with the single turn of a key. They even include four roller shades, so you can wall off the whole world as you soak.

And best of all, Covana’s Canadian-made covers are beautiful. Their aesthetic designs will complement any home’s architecture, and their ceilings are available with seven-color LED lighting systems so you can create exactly the ambiance any occasion might call for.


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