Hydropool: The World’s Only Self-Cleaning Pure Water Hot Tub

Hydropool Hot Tubs became one of North America’s first hot tub retailers in 1978. Today their spas are masterpieces of engineering – not to mention the ideal retreat for any Midwestern home.

Although virtually maintenance-free, Hydropool’s super-efficient HydroClear Pure Water System keeps a spa’s water remarkably clean by treating it with an effective combination of ozone filtration and UV light exposure. This marvel of filtration technology banishes 99% of all contaminants while reducing chemical usage by half! And thanks to Hydropool’s self-cleaning technology, you can soak in water that is completely refreshed every 15 minutes.

Despite such powerful cleaning technology, a Hydropool is one of the most efficient spas in the world. Your new spa will save you money as it operates up to 26% more efficiently than those made by Hydropool’s competitors.

Whether you want to relax during a sumptuous water massage or swim against a never-ending current, Hydropool makes the perfect new feature for your home or backyard!  

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