Caldera: Comfort, Design & Performance

Caldera’s high-performance yet energy-efficient spas are carefully designed to create the superlative hydrotherapy experience – whatever your timeframe.

Bliss. You feel it the moment you sink into Caldera’s ergonomic seating, sculpted to eliminate pressure on every part of your body as you achieve a sensation of weightlessness. Caldera’s Hot Tub Circuit Technology melts away stress whether it is massaging your back, neck, calves, or all of your sore points at once. You can even personalize your massage as you program precisely which jets you’d like to pamper you!

Whether you opt for Caldera’s Avante, Paradise or Vacanca series, your new spa will be a piece of art with its contoured acrylic shell, ample interior, and aesthetic exterior. Each graceful yet durable Caldera spa is available with colorful mood lighting, as well as a waterproof entertainment system for soothing nature sounds – or rock and roll, if you’re inclined to party! And thanks to Caldera’s FiberCor insulation and EnergyPro pump system, your next spa will meet even the strictest standards for energy efficiency.


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