Shoreline Spas: The Pinnacle of Relaxation Technology

Your journey to tranquility awaits! Olson Pools & Spas proudly offers Shoreline Spas’ chic, high-quality, and American-made oases. Whether you’re shopping for a spa’s therapeutic or relaxing benefits, Shoreline truly does it all!

Shoreline invests tremendous time and effort into crafting a well-built spa. From their luxurious six-seat 863L to their intimate three-seat 525L, Shoreline builds the ideal spa for any sized living space. No square inch of a Shoreline spa is designed to spare the user any comfort, either. From its digital controls that deliver soothing hydrotherapy on demand, to its adjustable gentle waterfalls and powerful, strategically placed jets, to its UV treated padded headrests, a Shoreline always represents the pinnacle of spa engineering.

A Shoreline is also an entertainment center! Our clients love these spas’ colorful LED lights, backlit speakers, and vibrant full-color displays. And thanks to Shorelines’ Hydro-Heat five-point insulation system and energy efficient pump, you can rest assured your spa will have only a minimal impact on your utility bills.


Let Shoreline bring a sense of beauty and serenity to your backyard today.
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